Wild with rabies -the injection!

I’ve had my injection and it was quite eventful! The waiting room was nice I got to meet a lovely little cat that reminded me of my friend Zoey . She’s paralysed from the tummy down and her mum was telling me all about her and their life. She was so tiny and really very […]

Lock in!

All’s well that ends well! Elizabeth came back with the key this morning and came straight to see me and the little ninja turtles. She stayed and played with me until mum came home from work and she could let her in. Mum and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing and cleaning out […]

Keys causing chaos!

So this morning I woke to chaos as my mum was charging around the flat in a panic! She couldn’t find her keys. This caused many problems and dilemmas for obvious reasons including: 1. It was almost time for her to leave to get to work on time, but the keys were (and still are) […]

Swanning around

So my mum deserted me went to be with dad again and I’m here in Nice enjoying Elizabeth’s company. She came over twice yesterday and then again for breakfast this morning. We love playing together and she loves the turtles just as much as I do. Mum’s been betraying me being kind to the feral […]

You can never be too careful…On watch in the marina!

Sailing at sunset

Here are a couple of the photos we took as we sailed to our little hideaway on New Years Eve! It was my first time wearing my new West Marine life jacket! I love it! Dad wasn’t paying attention so I kept a look out. With the flash my eyes match the red orange colour […]

Where do you think you’re going?!

The Boat Galley Cookbook photo-shoot!

We’ve had a fairly lazy day today aboard Nocturne, everyone was tired after a busy week. I had a small photo-shoot outside to show how much I love our new Boat Galley Cookbook because the lovely ladies that wrote it, from The Boat Galley and Commuter Cruiser, were happy with the first photo and we […]


I’m making the most of guy time and eating as many treats as I can before mum comes back from Nice. She only ever lets me have a couple but dad’s much more relaxed because he’s eating treats too! Mum’s due here in about two hours….. I wonder how many I can eat before then?! […]

Boys on the boat!

Mum has had to fly back to Nice this afternoon because she has to work tomorrow, but I’m still here in Rome on the boat with dad! Hooorah! Guy time! Let me tell you it’s long overdue too. We love her (when she’s good) but she really can be a pain in the scratchy bit […]