The party starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited I could pop! Tomorrow I’m on my way down to Rome with mum and we have a lovely surprise planned to kick off the celebrations for dad’s birthday. I literally can’t sit still. I can’t wait to show you all how pawesome it is… But I’m afraid he will see it, so […]

Good news and bad news!

I’m in Nice waiting to be chauffeured down to Rome to start our holiday. I’ve got itchy paws I’m so excited to sail off in Nocturne to beautiful islands and crystal clear waters. The plan was, as most of you know, to leave tomorrow around lunchtime… I’m not impressed because the humans have announced today […]

The car’s been to the vet today!

A week today mum and I leave Nice and head down to dad and my beloved Nocturne in Rome for our holidays! We have two weeks of sailing planned AND it’s dad’s birthday right in the middle! Mum chauffeurs me in our little French car, while I snuggle down safely in my travel box. We […]

Off we go!

We’re a little bit late leaving, but we’re finally off! I can’t wait to get to Nocturne and my dad! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! Bisous Bailey