Cozy with cable ties!

I LOVE cable ties! You can use them for so many things. I think I could write a book about their many uses and best of all they’re great fun to play with. You can bite them, chew them, fling them around… they provide endless entertainment. I love them so much I often take them […]

Christmas cheer and cable ties!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVFURRYONE!!! I hope wherever you are in the world you’re enjoying the purrfect day with your loved ones. Santa Paws got my letter and I was VERY happy to receive cable ties! I was very lucky to get some other presents too… I’ll tell you all about them tomorrow. Thank you all for […]

All I want for Christmas is…. Cable ties!

I’ve considered what I would like for Christmas for a very long time… I would like an endless supply of cable ties! Pretty please Santa Paws! I LOVE them! In fact I can quite honestly say I’m crazy about cable ties! They’re the best present a boat cat could wish for! Paws crossed. What do […]

Smiley Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m having a lovely relaxing day watching the humans run errands and do some cleaning! Not much happening apart from that, but we are happy! I’m extra happy because we’re playing with cable ties, which are my toy of choice at the minute! Hope you all have a great weekend! Bisous Bailey

Suitcase security

My mum’s mum arrived last night and I’ve been busy investigating, and doing some thorough security checks, to make sure that her suitcase complies with my strict rules of the flat. I found these so she was permitted entry… Anyone that brings treats is granted a visa to my world straight away! Today they went […]