Racing to hit the road!

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a mess! It’s our last day in the flat. The agency are coming tomorrow morning to collect the keys and then we’re hitting the road to Rome! We’re still nowhere near ready! There are piles everywhere! The pile by the door is my favourite, it’s one of […]

15 days left in France!

Time is flying! We only have 15 days left here in Nice before our big move! I didn’t realise how much work would be involved. I’ve moved twice already but only ever on my own. The first time, when I left my furry mum, it was OK because I’d been well prepared for it. The […]

To do lists

Now that we’re all officially going be to living on the boat in a couple of months, we’ve started making to do lists. My oh my! There are lots of things to do on our multiple lists! It’s 9 weeks until the big change and I think we’re going to be so busy that the […]

Innocent until proven guilty!

There’s a small mystery in the flat today. When mum came home from work she instantly realised that the orchid had been attacked! Now I enjoy gardening as much as the next cat, but I’ve been busy with other things recently. Mum seems to think that I’m to blame. The other orchid is fine and […]

Smiley Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m having a lovely relaxing day watching the humans run errands and do some cleaning! Not much happening apart from that, but we are happy! I’m extra happy because we’re playing with cable ties, which are my toy of choice at the minute! Hope you all have a great weekend! Bisous Bailey

Food fit for an admiral

I’m very relieved today to see a HUGE bag of food arrive, because once again I was fast running out of my favourite biscuits. The humans and I are always so busy and sometimes my little Tupperware box of biscuits gets scarily low before the new shiny bag arrives. Well this should be avoided for […]

Reunited with my turtles!

I’m back in the flat in Nice! We had a fairly smooth journey back from Rome and made good time in the car. It took just over eight hours with two stops at service stations. Mum and I enjoyed listening to a whole audio book on the way back which was nice. I fell asleep […]