Napping with LOTS of noise!

There’s lots of banging going on at the moment aboard Nocturne and so I’m purrfecting the art of napping with LOTS of noise. The humans are working on the traveler project. They’re building a new one because the old one was rotten and trying to get the bolts from the old one out! This means […]

STILL stuck inside!

Happy ‘Love your Pet day’ furiends! I love my two human pets and I showed them just how much by jumping on their stomachs and pushing my cold nose in their faces at 7AM this morning. They returned my sign of affection with abuse! OK well not abuse exactly, but they haven’t been very nice […]

Planning to go cruising.

I’m so happy today because my dad is here in Nice with me.  My mum is really happy too and I think my dad’s got extra salmon points for surprising us last night.  He sent a message to come out onto the balcony and he was standing down in the middle of the street! It […]