Happy Birthday Mum!

It’s mum’s birthday today and she’s another year older but she doesn’t appear to be any wiser! I’m so excited to tell you what dad and I are getting her! I wasn’t too sure to begin with but I’ve realised it could work to my advantage, so I’ve agreed… we’re getting her a puppy! She’s […]

Oh my boat dog!

Yesterday we anchored next to Nocturne’s sister! The humans and I were very excited as we came into the anchorage because we all thought it may have been another Tayana 37! It turned out to be a Toshiba 40 which was also designed by Robert Perry! It’s such a beautiful boat, it looks so similar […]

Mouldy matters…

Today I’ve been helping to clean out the wardrobe. It was long overdue and so we knew we were going to see some mould… It was a bit of a mess so I helped drag everything out. After taking out all of the bags and bedding that we had stuffed in there I hopped in […]