April is growing so quickly!

Furiends I knew that April would get bigger, but I didn’t realise how quickly she would grow. When she first arrived she was about the same size as me… But now at three and a half months old, she’s much bigger than I am already! I’m purrsisting with her training and now she is much […]

Where’s April?

Furiends I have big news… but you know I can’t just tell you without teasing you a little bit first! Who can guess where April went today? I gave her a big job to do and my spy caught her sleeping on the job! Any ideas what she was doing? I’ll tell you all on […]

Officially introducing my sister…April Blue!

Furiends I’m so excited, the humans came back smelling like my sister last night and she smells soo good! They took lots of photos and she’s beautiful! Since she was born on the 1st of April and she’s a Blue Merle with big blue eyes like mine, we’ve decided to name her April Blue! I […]