Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in Europe, I think it’s a great holiday and appreciating everything that we are thankful for is a wonderful idea. I’m very thankful for amazing furiends and family. I’ve really had my dreams come true this year. I moved aboard full time and my book was published. I’m […]

Pawesome presents!

Today the humans unpacked and I’m delighted with what came out of the bag for me! Bloomsbury Australia kindly sent me a book about another cool cat! I’ve not had chance to read it it yet, but I’m already quite sure that it’s going to be one of my favorites! The book’s a true story […]

Blown away by Bloomsbury Australia!

Yesterday mum popped in to meet all the Bloomsbury ladies in the Sydney office. She sat down and had afternoon tea with Sonia, Kirstin, Bethia and Kate but she was very honoured to meet a very impawtant canine called Jackson! He quietly runs the office and keeps the humans out of mischief while he quality […]