Happy Birthday Mauricio and Misty May!

Today is a nearly wordless Wednesday because I would like to wish my honorary brofur and sisfur a very Happy 10th Birthday! Everyone is welcome to join in the fun at their birthday party where they are having a comment-a-thon with all the proceeds going to a very worthy rescue or shelter of the winners […]

Welcome to my birthday party!

Welcome aboard furiends! Today I’m THREE years old! (That makes me 27 in human years!) I woke up to the best birthday present ever from all of you guys… We did it! We reached my fundraising goal and then some! As I type this together we’ve raised over £450 for the RNLI Lizard lifeboat station! […]

Win what you see in the photos! (Except the dinghy and me of course!) Raffle for the RNLI!

Nearly Silent Sunday! TO BUY YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS CLICK HERE. For all the info on my birthday raffle for the RNLI click here. Bisous, Bailey

Happy Birthday to my human mum!

It’s mum’s birthday today! Even though she’s often looking completely the wrong way and missing the pawesome things I want to show her…I still love her! Bisous Bailey

Bailey’s birthday bash!

Hey furiends! Welcome to my birthday pawty! Thank you all for so many lovely birthday wishes. I’ve been blown away by how kind you all are! I even got a pawesome card from my good furiend Sammy and his mum Pam from One Spoiled Cat! I love this card and crab too from my friends […]

The party starts tomorrow!

I’m so excited I could pop! Tomorrow I’m on my way down to Rome with mum and we have a lovely surprise planned to kick off the celebrations for dad’s birthday. I literally can’t sit still. I can’t wait to show you all how pawesome it is… But I’m afraid he will see it, so […]

Turtle tank extraordinaire!

Oh my cat I’m sooo excited! My mum’s birthday is in March but since her mum is here, she and mum’s dad have given her her birthday present early! It’s kind of my present too even though my birthday’s not until July… It’s an aqua-terrarium!!! I’ve been checking it out and let me tell you […]

Captain Tony’s Birthday!

Yesterday was our friend Captain Tony’s birthday! So the humans went out for dinner to celebrate. When they came back to the boat I got to join in with the fun. Everybody had treats…. Then us boys got down to technical business and started to discuss the fuel tanks. We were looking at the possibility […]