The plucky pigeon

Today I was horrified to see a pigeon land on MY balcony! I regularly watch them flying by and sometimes they even dare to sit on top of the street lights just down the road, but never have I known one to be so plucky and sit on my balcony! If you excuse the mess… […]

Furry monster!

I’m home sweet home with mum! I’m really happy she’s back because I’ve had extra treats. I couldn’t wait to race out of the parking lot and up the stairs to see the turtles! Then I had a brush because it’s been 33 degrees here in Nice today and I’m hot. Mum says it’s because […]

Lazy day chatting with the birds!

I’ve had a very lazy day at home watching and chatting to the birds. One of them even came and tormented me on the balcony. He didn’t stay for long though once he saw how scary I am! I really really wish I could fly too… Bisous Bailey