Dad’s on his way to Australia!

Today we pawed goodbye to dad for three weeks as he’s flown off to Australia. I’m not sure he’ll appreciate me sharing this photo with you all, but there’s not much he can do about it from the other side of the world! MOL! He’s joining his kangaroo cousins again! Mum, the puppies and I […]

Crazy about Koalas this Caturday!

The humans have been to visit koalas at Featherdale Wildlife Park! They emailed me some photos and I must say I’m very jealous! Mum had never seen a koala before and now I’m worried she loves them more than me! Our extended family Kathryn, Marcus and Jayden took the humans to Featherdale and they had […]

Dinghy Devils… Down Under!

The humans have been missing me extra today! It turns out they have dinghy devils Down Under too! They saw a couple in Sydney at darling harbour yesterday. Today, however, when they went to Bondi Beach they saw hundreds!!!! They even tried to steal their chips at lunchtime! There would be none of this nonsense […]

Sightseeing in Sydney!

The humans are having a pawesome time in Australia! Today (even though I think they’ve now moved into tomorrow!) they’ve been sightseeing in Sydney. Dad loved showing mum where he grew up and they had a great day out with Kathryn, Marcus and Jayden on the ferries and around the water! They were full of […]

Looking up

The humans are flying to Australia today! I’m going to spend the day looking up to see if I can see their plane. There are lots of planes that pass over so I’m unlikely to know which one is them but I’ll be happy watching out for them anyway! I hope you all have a […]