April has a sore paw!

April LOVES to dig! Today she got into the bushes and before the humans and I could get her out, she dug herself into a pickle! She hurt her paw. When she came out, her white fur was all covered in blood and we were all really worried. She wasn’t though… she ran through all […]

I’ve got a shadow!

I’ve been showing April around the garden today and she’s so funny! She’s like my shadow! She thinks I can’t see her… But I always know where she is! She’s being very respectful and she seems to like some of the same games as I do, so once I’m sure she’s well behaved I might […]

Officially introducing my sister…April Blue!

Furiends I’m so excited, the humans came back smelling like my sister last night and she smells soo good! They took lots of photos and she’s beautiful! Since she was born on the 1st of April and she’s a Blue Merle with big blue eyes like mine, we’ve decided to name her April Blue! I […]