Today I caught my first ever lizard…

Furiends today is a monumental day! I caught a LIZARD! I’m so proud of myself! I was pottering in the garden with my lead on… I spotted the little fella and shot off. I didn’t actually expect to catch him but I did! I carried him straight into the house… He’s the first thing bigger […]

I never thought I’d say this…

…BUT I kind of miss the dinghy devils! Don’t get me wrong, there are loads of pawesome birds here to watch and they even sing the song of their people. It’s beautiful. If I want to play with them through the window though, they just fly away, they aren’t as bold or as cheeky as […]

Starting the year by fighting a fear!

Furiends remember how I confessed to you that I was afraid of the swans that my human has been feeding… Well today I decided to start the year by fighting my fear! They’re actually really fun to watch! I got quite comfortable with them after we’d made acquaintances! My human has written some resolutions on […]

A new furiend in the marina!

I’ve made a new furiend in the marina and I’m very happy! She’s beautiful! She loves it when the humans throw her tasty treats! If I’m honest I’m a little bit weary of my new furiend because she looks a little bit scary when she raises her head! Hopefully she’ll keep coming back until I’m […]

Itching to get going!

I’m itching to get going now furiends. We’ve been planning, doing boat projects and more planning. Now I just want to get sailing! I’m missing all my furiends out there in the big blue. We’ve seen a pod of dolphins once this year but I’m eager to get back out there and see more. I’d […]

Dinghy Devil De-escalation!

Furiends as you know relations between myself and the dinghy devils have been tense to say the least over the years. They constantly heckle me and try to land on my beautiful Noccy. They know just how to wind me up and on more than one occasion I’ve had to show them who’s boss! I’m […]

Snorkelling in Ponza!

I sent the humans off with the camera today to try and get some photos of the fish… I’m quite pleased with some of the shots they took! They’ve got quite a lot of video footage too and I’m looking forward to watching it and editing it when we get back to the marina. I […]

Defending the ducks from the dinghy devils!

Normally when we sail away the humans and I like to keep moving and visit lots of different places. They haven’t sorted out the ‘work thing’ yet, so we always have to get back to our base marina within a few weeks. We’ve been in Portoferraio for four full days now though. We LOVE it […]

Warning to the dinghy devils!

Paws crossed we shall be setting sail on Thursday. I will not be tolerating any hitch hiking dinghy devils! I’ve considered this decision for a millisecond, but I remain firm… Dinghy devils are NOT welcome! If you disregard my wishes feathery fiends I will not be held responsible for my actions! Have a pawesome week […]

Happy World Oceans Day!

Furiends it’s a special day! A day to celebrate our beautiful oceans and make a pledge to protect them! I’m sticking with the same pledge I made last year because there’s still plenty of room for for the humans and I to improve and I feel very passionately about it. I’d also like to raise […]