Midweek Contemplation!

Wishing you all a pawesome weekend!

Dear furiends I would like to wish you all a pawesome weekend! It’s quiet here on the boat without my humans but I’m having great fun with Uncle Gery and the lobsters. We’re going to have a very relaxing weekend. What are you going to do this weekend? Bisous, Bailey

Throwback Thursday-in my bunk!

It’s quite cold here in Rome at the moment so to warm myself up I’ve been looking through the photos from last summer. I remember one of my favourite places to chill out when we were sailing was my bunk also known as the sea berth. It’s sooo comfortable because even if Nocturne heels or […]

Mr Blue Eyes!

Suitcase selfie

Mum’s mum is here!

Furiends I’m very happy because mum’s mum, Ruth is here in Rome! (She’s too young to be called grandma she says!) It’s the first time I’ve seen her in nearly two years. Here’s a picture of the two of us together the day I got the advance copies of my book. We were all so […]

Keeping cool on top of the fridge!

Provisioning for Ponza!

I’m so excited today because we’re busy provisioning for Ponza… It’s been hard work for the humans carrying all the cases of bottled water and ice tea back to the boat, but we have my three cousins arriving this evening and I want to be sure we all stay hydrated in this heat! The bottles […]

Eye of the sea!


Yesterday was pawesome! Thank you to everyone who came and partied with me. The humans get back later this evening so I’ve been busy cleaning up! I heard from them this morning and they said the wedding was purrfect! I took a video but I don’t want the humans to see how wild our party […]