Nocturne is in Mahon!

Furiends, last night after three days and two nights at sea, Noccy finished her sail from Rome to Mahon! Dad and his uncle, Maurice, were happy and safe the whole way and I’m very happy they made it safely. I still think I should be there, but you all made me feel much better about […]

Thank you so much furiends… Ria has taken her first step towards a long recovery

Dear furiends, I’m overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for my cousin Ria. She has had her operation today and she’s in recovery now. Her accident was actually a week ago and her local vet had been monitoring her, which is purrfectly normal, before she was sent to the […]

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017!

Dear furiends from all of our crew we wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day! I love each and every one of you very much! Bisous, Bailey

Caturday Connections – Mario

Furiends, today I have the purrleasure in welcoming the very handsome Mario for Caturday Connections! Welcome Mario! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m 10 years old (we think as I’m a rescue from the shelter). I was at the shelter for 4 months before M and D came in looking for a new […]

Caturday Connections – Purrseidon

Welcome furiends to this week’s Caturday Connections! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming the pawesome Purrseidon aboard! Welcome Purrseidon! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I will be 2 on October 2nd. Mahatma Gandhi, Sting and Kelly Ripa were also born on that day. Apparently us Libras are charming, smart and beautiful, […]

Happy Mother’s Day selfie- I love my mum!

Caturday Catnip Confession!

Furiends I have a confession to make… I’ve been up to mischief all week and I didn’t have a chance to interview anyone for Caturday Connections… then there’s the other more serious confession of what I did last night… Dad left a plastic bag of nip on the worktop side and I couldn’t resist. I […]

Midweek Contemplation!

Wishing you all a pawesome weekend!

Dear furiends I would like to wish you all a pawesome weekend! It’s quiet here on the boat without my humans but I’m having great fun with Uncle Gery and the lobsters. We’re going to have a very relaxing weekend. What are you going to do this weekend? Bisous, Bailey

Throwback Thursday-in my bunk!

It’s quite cold here in Rome at the moment so to warm myself up I’ve been looking through the photos from last summer. I remember one of my favourite places to chill out when we were sailing was my bunk also known as the sea berth. It’s sooo comfortable because even if Nocturne heels or […]