We’ve all got pet passports now!

Furiends the puppies are mature enough now to have their own passports! All three of us are ready for any new adventure that life throws at us. I’ve traveled through quite a lot of Europe now and I’ve never been asked for my passport, but we would never risk getting into trouble. We wanted to […]

Dad’s on his way to Australia!

Today we pawed goodbye to dad for three weeks as he’s flown off to Australia. I’m not sure he’ll appreciate me sharing this photo with you all, but there’s not much he can do about it from the other side of the world! MOL! He’s joining his kangaroo cousins again! Mum, the puppies and I […]

We’re back by the lakes!

Well furiends we’ve done another big road trip back from Rome to our house by the lakes. The humans get tired on road trips but I love them! I love the breaks when I get to patrol the car and check everything is in good order. I’m sorry about the grainy image, it was snapped […]

We’re on the way!

Well furiends we’re on the way! I love road trips because I get to sing to mum and I get lots of extra treats! The trip from Lake Maggiore down to Rome will take us around six hours. This is April’s first long road trip, so we will be making lots of stops on the […]

Picture Postcard from the humans!

WordPress is blocked in Vietnam!

Well you learn something new everyday! The humans, Sharkie and Blue have all arrived safely arrived in Ho Chi Minh city in Vietnam. They wanted to leave me a quick message on my blog but they soon realised that WordPress is blocked in Vietnam and therefore so is my blog! I’m not sure why and […]

Hanging out with Uncle Gery!

The humans have deserted me gone on holiday today. They’ve gone to visit great furiends of ours who moved to Vietnam last year and then they are going to spend some time in Dubai on the way back. They’ll be gone for two weeks. I think it’s really rude that I wasn’t invited to go, […]

Dead in the water!

Furiends our crossing from Acciaroli to Panarea took a turn for the worse at 11pm last night when we ran over some rubbish in the water. Unfortunately for us it got itself well and truly wrapped around the propellor and the engine make a big clunking noise. We immediately turned it off and checked the […]

Happy Caturday from my new (temporary) marina!

Happy Caturday furiends! We made it to Acciaroli after a ten hour sail. I spent most of the day comfortably snuggled up in the sea berth… And now we’re safely tucked into this beautiful marina for the next week. I love my new view… I think mum and I will be happy here while we […]

Paws in Procida

Hi from Procida furiends! Last night we anchored in Ischia and today we sailed across to Procida. We got caught up in a thunderstorm yesterday evening but Nocturne held well on her anchor and we had the engine purring to help her just in case we needed to move. It’s absolutely beautiful here and we’re […]