Oh Christmas Tree!

Furiends for the last few years we’ve used our compression post on Nocturne to make a pretend Christmas tree… We always have a small real tree too… This year, since we’re on land, I was looking forward to a huge real Christmas tree to climb. But, since we now have two eight month old puppies, […]

Happy Thanksgiving Furiends!

Dear furiends, To all of you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you’re having a PAWESOME day with your loved ones! To all of the rest of you, I also hope you’re having a PAWESOME day! I’m very thankful for my family, you, my lovely furiends and my boats. I’m a very lucky boat cat! Don’t eat […]

Good luck to my American furiends!

Our crew have all been watching the build up to the American election with interest. Like Brexit on our side of the pond, the election seems to have divided the humans opinions. Purrsonally I don’t think either party should win… …I think my American feline furiends would do the best job! Unfortunately as a French […]

Happy Halloween Furiends!

I hope you’re all enjoying a spooktastic Halloween furiends! If you feel like a scary Count Catula giggle, you can enjoy this video again! Bisous from your white fanged furiend, Bailey

Ahoy there me hearties!

Happy talk like a pirate day te ye! Welcome aboard, ye better start te speak ze lingo else I’ll force ye te walk ze plank! I be serious now! Yo ho Ho! Try yer best hearties and there’ll be some grog in it for ye! Bisous, Bailey

Happy Easter!

Happy Paddy’s Day!

Dear Furiends, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day from your favourite Irish boat! Wishing you all the luck of the Irish! Bisous, Bailey

Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day to all of my furiends Down Under! I hope you’re all enjoying shrimps thrown on the barbie! To all my non-Aussie furiends… Happy Tuesday! Enjoy and make sure you dance the night away! Bisous, Bailey

Today is the best day for cat napping!

After all the excitement of yesterday today is officially the best day of the year for cat napping! I hope you’re all digesting your food well and playing lots of games! I’m off to continue my cat nap now! Bisous, Bailey

Merry Christmas!

Dear furiends, I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all eating great food, drinking delicious drinks and feeling very grateful for your family and furiends. Those of you that might be feeling a little bit lonely, please know that I really do love you all and I am so […]