Peace and quiet up the mast!

The humans have been out to the Suzuki warehouse today to pick up some oil filters for Emily our outboard. Dad got very excited to see the 250’s they had on display! We also got a cover to keep Emily safe from all the elements. We meant to get one when we bought her new […]

Organisation is the key.

It’s really important on a boat to be prepared for every eventuality. We have lots of spares and tools. The trouble is they can get a bit out of control if they’re not organised properly. Dad’s been a busy bee and got the situation under control. Lots of assorted shackles! Sticky situation! What we can […]

Elliot the engine’s been evicted!

Elliot the engine is no more! Remember I told you about finding water in the fuel when the humans ended up rowing home? You can catch up here. Well it turns out the carburettor was ruined too. Since this would cost quite a lot of money to sort out, and the little 3.5hp was only […]

New outboard = rowing home!

We’ve invested in a new outboard! Dad surprised mum with it yesterday. It’s a Mercury 3.5 hp Four Stroke which has only been used once and we got it for less than half price! It’s nice and light to put on the dinghy quickly, and will be a lot easier for mum and any visiting […]

Engine service

Dad’s been busy doing an engine service. Last year, before we sailed off on our blissful holidays, we had a bit of a mad rush getting the boat and everything ready to go. So this year we’re making sure that everything is done well in advance. This means not only can we enjoy giving Nocturne […]

London boat show

Hi from cat camp everyone! My humans have gone off to the boat show in London today and so I’m enjoying some time with my fellow felines at cat camp! They just rang and told me they’ve had a great day! Dad is very happy to have bought a wifi antenna so we can get […]

Wishing for West Marine

This is west marine. My humans went to visit the biggest one in THE WORLD in Fort Lauderdale.   My dad was like a kitten in a mouse house! Mum was worried that she had lost him forever to the pumps and little electrical gadgets that only males can get excited about. She said they […]