My first Caturday as an Ambassador!

Happy Caturday furiends! I’ve had a wonderful day playing with all of my new toys! My new Dinghy Devil furiend and I discussed what we thought his name should be… …we decided on a VERY appropriate name! He shall now be known affectionately as Diablo! (Diablo means devil in Spanish!) We’re great furiends already! I’ve […]

My parcel from the Museum of Maritime Pets!

Furiends I’m a very spoilt boat cat! My parcel is PAWEOME! Since it’s Film on Friday I decided to film as I unwrapped it! As you can see the box is amazing and I got the BEST gifts ever! I usually put some background music with my films, but it’s very impawtant you listen out […]

Ambassador at Sea!

I’m very honored to tell you all that I’ve been appointed Ambassador at Sea for the Museum of Maritime Pets! I’m very proud of my new position and intend to be the best ambassador I can be. I’m very fortunate that this summer we will be sailing far and wide and I will enjoy telling […]