Dinghy devil you’ve gone too far this time!

My humans flew home last night and obviously I was very happy to see them. I got extra treats and lots of cuddles. My Mousey was happy to see them too because he wouldn’t stop wriggling around! I loved hearing all the tales of the wedding and hearing all about Cornwall where my mum comes […]

Too tired for treats?

When the humans don’t have to go to the mystery place they call work they can be quite difficult to wake up. Both my humans seem to be decidedly more feline than I am enjoying extremely long cat naps curled up in our comfy vee-berth. I’ve had to come with creative ways to wake them […]

Eating like a King!

One great thing about cat camp is that I’m eating like a King! The nice lady feeds me at the same time everyday! Really really nice food. I have the same Science Plan biscuits that I have at home as well as some pawesome cat meat! At home I have to remind the humans to […]

Fangs for Friday!

Hooray it’s the weekend! Just a quick hello this evening because I’m busy chewing the best new treat ever…. Cat sticks! I can’t believe these little sticks of joy have only just come into my life! I wasn’t sure at first what they were… I had to be convinced! But once I had a proper […]

Fish markets!

Mum left for Rome last night for a flying visit. She’s coming back tomorrow. The humans have been to the markets in Rome today and seen lots of yummy things. I want to go next time because apparently there’s lots of fish! It makes me hungry just looking at them all! They look delicious! I […]

Food fit for an admiral

I’m very relieved today to see a HUGE bag of food arrive, because once again I was fast running out of my favourite biscuits. The humans and I are always so busy and sometimes my little Tupperware box of biscuits gets scarily low before the new shiny bag arrives. Well this should be avoided for […]


I’m making the most of guy time and eating as many treats as I can before mum comes back from Nice. She only ever lets me have a couple but dad’s much more relaxed because he’s eating treats too! Mum’s due here in about two hours….. I wonder how many I can eat before then?! […]

Berserk for beans

My mum made chilli for our friend Elizabeth this evening. As they sat down to eat their dinner I hopped up onto the side and saw half a tin of kidney beans. My humans are usually such spoil sports hiding the meat away faster than I can lick my lips but tonight was different. The […]