Big news! We’re CELEBRATING!

Dear furiends! I’m sorry I’ve not blogged for a little while but I’ve been terrified of spilling two big surprises! Mum swore me to secrecy about a project that she has been working on for dad’s birthday and dad swore me to secrecy about a huge question he wanted to ask! (Plus mum keeps stealing […]

Happy 80th Birthday Mr Gramps!

Today is Mr Gramps’ 80th Birthday! He is a very special man and we all love him more than we could possibly describe. He and I have a special relationship and I miss him a lot when he’s not here. He loves all animals, even woofers, which makes him even more special! Hehe! Today he […]

Happy Birthday Mum!

Dear friends, today is mum’s birthday! I’ve been abandoned while the humans have jetted off to London to celebrate. The puppies have gone to a lovely lady who looks after dogs and I’m at home with a friend looking after me. Dad comes home tomorrow, but mum is staying in London until Friday! I can’t […]

Welcome to my birthday party in aid of the RNLI!

Welcome furiends! I’m five today! Let’s party! I’ll pick you all up in the dinghy. Then we can go for a quick sail around the island… Then we’ll enjoy some ball games hosted by April. Before finally relaxing and enjoying the sunset together with some drinks and snacks! Remember the more the merrier so invite […]

Happy Birthday Capt. John!

Today is my dear furiend, Captain John’s birthday! I’d like to wish him the most pawesome day ever! The humans are all out for dinner at a lovely restaurant at the end of our pontoon this evening to celebrate. Captain John and Admiral Bobbie are Canadian humans I really look up to and love. They’ve […]

Happy Father’s Day Selfies!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! I know sometimes I put fur all over your work trousers but it’s only because I want evfurryone to know that you’re mine! Thank you for always being there for me. I can’t wait to go sailing with you, mum and April soon. I love you very much! Bisous, Bailey

The Fuel Guard box arrived today!

Furiends I’m so excited because the Fuel Guard box arrived today! Since it’s Earth Day today mum and I have been spending time in the garden. I’ve been sniffing the flowers and my new box! I can’t wait to open the box but we have to wait for dad to get home from work because […]

Housewarming presents!

I’m very lucky to have received two pawesome housewarming presents! The humans ordered me a cat tree online and it arrived today! It’s tall enough for me to climb and look down on evfurryone! I absolutely love it! It’s great fun jumping on and off it! I’ve really missed climbing all over the boat and […]

Happy New Year!

Dear furiends! The party is truly underway here aboard Nocturne with four an a half hours to go until midnight! We’re all looking forward to 2016 and new adventures! I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2016 with lots of health and happiness! Sail into the new year remembering you’re […]