Happy Caturday Furiends!

Woooohooooo! It’s Caturday and the sun is shining and I’m so happy! I had some fish for breakfast, unfortunately it wasn’t freshly caught like the one in the picture, but it was a lovely little salmon nibble! My humans are terrible at catching fish but I love to watch the fish by the boat. I’m […]

Mini Milestones and a visit to Nocturne!

Happy Caturday furiends! We are celebrating mini milestones here… as you may remember when April first invaded joined our crew, we had a love hate relationship… she loved me and I hated her! After a few bops on her nose she learnt that I’m the boss and now she doesn’t dare cross me or charge […]

Caturday with Uncle Gery and Irina!

Furiends I’m having a lovely day! Dad’s back and uncle Gery and Irina are visiting from Rome! Mum’s still not well and she’s my purrsonal photographer, so I’ve not got any new photos yet but she’s promised to take some tomorrow morning. Here’s one of the three of us on the boat! I hope you’re […]

Caturday fun!

Happy Caturday Furiends! Once again I’m behind on Caturday Connections because it’s such a busy time for my crew and I at the moment. I’m hoping to get interviewing again soon, but today I’ve just been having fun with mum’s mum and the others! I hope you’re all having a PAWESOME Caturday! Bisous, Bailey

Caturday post!

Today has been a very exciting day furiends! This morning I got some post! The lovely humans at Firefly Books have sent me a book to review… Claire Arrowsmith’s Brain Games for Cats! I’m really looking forward to reading it because mum has already got Brain Games for Dogs by Claire for the puppies and […]

Caturday Connections – Phoebe

Welcome to this week’s Caturday Connections furiends! This week I have the purrleasure of welcoming the gorgeous Phoebe! Hi Phoebe! Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a beautiful 14 year old peach and white cat. I am a bit of a cougar because my boyfriend is only 2! I have a mom […]

Caturday Connections – Toby

Furiends, this week I have the pleasure of introducing the pawesome Toby to you all! Welcome Toby! Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Toby and I am an orange marmalade with long fur. My fur is my best feature, or maybe it’s my golden eyes. Despite what everybody else in the […]

Happy Caturday from a VERY muddy April!

Dear furiends Happy Caturday! It’s quite late in the day here, I’ve been busy trying to get all the mud out of my house…. April came in like this…. So April could you please tell us all WHY on earth you get in such a muddy mess at every opportunity? April: Mud is PAWESOME! I […]

Looking for volunteers to pawticipate in Caturday Connections!

Dear furiends, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Caturday! I’m looking for some new volunteers to pawticipate in my Caturday Connections weekly slot! You don’t have to be a cat to be welcomed and you can either be an adventurous pet or a real home bird. I’d just like to get to […]

Caturday family catch ups!

Today we’ve spent all of Caturday catching up with Joe and Donna. I’ve not seen them for over three years when they came to visit mum and I, when we still lived in Nice. April’s never met them, obviously, so we’ve had great fun today! I hope you’re all having a very Happy Caturday! Bisous, […]