Winter wonderland!

We’ve still got lots of snow here so much that the humans made a small snowman! Blue was very wary of the snowman and was barking at him to go away! We took a funny video of the puppies playing in the snow which I will share on my Facebook page. I wasn’t a big […]

Another snow day!

We’ve had another snow day here today! I stayed snuggled up and warm inside but the puppies love the snow…. especially Blue who tried to eat it all! I hope it goes away soon so I can sunbathe again! Do you like the snow? Bisous, Bailey

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

I’ve had a very productive Monday with the humans today and it’s been a great start to the week. Lots of admin got done which is pawesome, a little boring if I’m honest, but PAWESOME none-the-less! I’d like to wish you all a wonderful productive week too! Bisous, Bailey

New Year’s Resolutions!

Dear furiends, we’re nearly one week into 2017… how are your New Year’s resolutions going? I wanted to cut down on treats, but I don’t have much will power, so I’ve already broken mine! The humans have resolved to be healthier and so far they’re doing well, but once they lose their Christmas weight I’m […]

Back to work for mum and I!

Today mum has started back at university! The holidays are officially over in our household. Dad’s already been working since Boxing day, but the rest of us were still in party mode! I can’t quite believe that mum is halfway through her Master’s degree now. This is her final year and I am ready for […]

The puppies are vermin…

Okay, they’re not really vermin, but they do have vermi. Vermi in English means worms!!! I’m horrified! This morning Blue was sick and there were worms wriggling out! It was really disgusting. Mum took them both to the vets and they had an examination and some medicine and apparently they’ll be absolutely fine now. They […]

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Dear furiends, wherever you are I hope you’re having a wonderful time! This year has had lots of ups and downs and I’m looking forward to next year! We’ve all had some roast beef for dinner… I had to promt the humans a few too many times… April and Blue are both exhausted after a […]

The puppies have already broken their Christmas presents!

I LOVE this time of year because there’s usually lots of new presents to play with and eat! I’ve been extremely lucky again this year and I’m exhausted after playing with all of my new toys! April and Blue, however, have endless energy and are still very excited about their new Christmas presents. Our dear […]

On the mend!

Mum has been useless poorly the last few days, so I’ve been busy looking after her. She’s had an intestinal infection, so the doctors gave her antibiotics and she’s now on her third day and hopefully on the mend. I had the BEST time with Uncle Gery and Irina when they came to stay! They […]

Mum’s got a bug…

Furiends, I’ve been busy looking after mum for the past few days. She been struck down with a tummy bug and is feeling sorry for herself. I’m very intuitive and I’ve been giving her extra cuddles. Dad’s been on Nocturne this week and I’m so happy to say that she’s purrfect. I can’t wait to […]