Captain Bailey!

My sister was born today and she’s BLUE!

Furiends I’m so excited! My sister was born today and she’s BLUE! Well she’s a blue merle! I wouldn’t mind whatever colour she came out, but the humans told me she’d either be black and white or blue. I was secretly hoping she’d be blue like me! I think I’m going to share my middle […]

Caturday Connections – Boat Lobsters – Thermidora and Bisque!

Hi furiends! Yesterday was an impawtant day for my lobsters so today I’m welcoming them to Caturday Connections! So girls, yesterday was your first time actually sailing, how did you find it? Thermi: We sailed yesterday? Bisque: I heard the engine and felt a little bit of movement but we barely moved compared to the […]

Catnip is crazy fun!

Furiends, if you’re under legal catnip age please do not read on… OK, the rest of you, I have to tell you that cat nip is PAWESOME! As you know I’m a very active cat and whilst we’re in the marina I only go outside with the humans. Since its been stormy and cold, I’ve […]

Boating with Cats!

Furiends I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to be sent a link from a furiend to an article that I feature in. I wasn’t aware that I was going to be in it, but it’s pawesome and they’ve even credited my website for my photo. (This makes me very happy because some naughty humans have stolen […]

No love lost between the lobsters!

Furiends as I said before the lobsters have been fighting and I was hoping that their new palace would solve the problem, but unfortunately although they’re sisters there’s no love lost when it comes to prime palace real estate… They’ve had to be separated. So I’ve adjoined their old tiny space to the new palace […]

Christmas has come early for the lobsters!

My lobsters have been fighting a lot recently and my humans were worried that we were going to have to separate them into two cages. I suggested since we’re moving onto land in March we could get them a lobster palace and they’d be so happy that they’d stop fighting. Paws crossed, my plan has […]

My favourite photo!

My favourite photo from this year is this one: It makes me so happy when I look at it! It reminds me of our favourite anchorage, long days of swimming for the humans and exotic fish TV for me. When you zoom in you can see the three of us having a great time! What’s […]

Brave Lobster

The scariest thing that happened to me this weekend involved my lobsters (Dwarf hamsters) I’d just had a delicious treat for Halloween… …and I was just settling down to have a snooze when Bisque the naughtier of the two lobsters jumped up on my back and ran all over me! I didn’t quite know what […]

K9 Rescue training in our marina!

Furiends as I said yesterday we were all really entertained on Sunday at our marina beach because…the K9 rescue team were training! My humans spoke to one of the ladies and these pawesome dogs have been training from between two and three years! They were sooo excited about getting into the water and were really […]