Worried about Thermi

Furiends I’m a bit worried about our lovely Thermi. You might remember she already has a dodgy eye. The ‘lobsters’ are a year and nine months old now and are really starting to show their age. She’s had the problem since April but it’s not been bothering her and the vet said there’s nothing they […]

Thermi our calmest crew member is seeing red…

Poor Thermi isn’t very well. One of her eyes has turned red and swollen up. Luckily Thermi doesn’t seem to care and is happy, eating and running on her wheel as normal. However, we were all quite concerned so I packed her off to the vet. I wouldn’t wish the vet on my worst enemy, […]

Paw Patrol – April’s in training!

It’s very fun training April how to do a paw patrol. She’s a very attentive student which is good. Eight paws on deck is much better than four, of course, but once April is fully trained we will be able to take it in turns and maybe even do shifts. She’s obsessed with watching airplanes, […]

Teaching April the ropes!

We’re having a whale of a time on Nocturne! I’m showing April the ropes! I’m teaching her how I have access to certain areas she doesn’t though… naturally! There’s a long way to go with April’s training but I’m proud of her so far! She’s going to be a pawesome boat dog! Bisous, Bailey

Sibling Selfie!

Caturday Connections- Scurvy

This week I’ve got the purrleasure of interviewing my dear furiend Scurvy! I hope you enjoy it! Firstly Scurvy I’d like to apologise again for being mean to you when you came aboard Nocturne. Believe it or not I actually really miss you and your humans now! I can’t wait for evfurryone to get to […]

Captain Bailey!

My sister was born today and she’s BLUE!

Furiends I’m so excited! My sister was born today and she’s BLUE! Well she’s a blue merle! I wouldn’t mind whatever colour she came out, but the humans told me she’d either be black and white or blue. I was secretly hoping she’d be blue like me! I think I’m going to share my middle […]

Caturday Connections – Boat Lobsters – Thermidora and Bisque!

Hi furiends! Yesterday was an impawtant day for my lobsters so today I’m welcoming them to Caturday Connections! So girls, yesterday was your first time actually sailing, how did you find it? Thermi: We sailed yesterday? Bisque: I heard the engine and felt a little bit of movement but we barely moved compared to the […]

Catnip is crazy fun!

Furiends, if you’re under legal catnip age please do not read on… OK, the rest of you, I have to tell you that cat nip is PAWESOME! As you know I’m a very active cat and whilst we’re in the marina I only go outside with the humans. Since its been stormy and cold, I’ve […]