Climbing to new heights!

Furiends, as you’re all well aware, I am an adventurer! I’ve found life on land quite… ordinary… at ground level at least! That’s why yesterday I decided to climb the tree in our garden and have a great view of the mountains that surround us. Can you spot me? I was so proud of myself […]

Planning our next adventure!

I can’t wait to set sail again! Even though it’s fast approaching winter here, I’m already longing for the sunshine and lazy summer days again! I’m not sure where we’ll go on Nocturne next year yet, but I’m already happily planning! Sometimes, half of the fun of a trip is planning it! I have some […]

We’re in Palmarola!

Today we sailed from Rome to Ponza and it was purrfect. We had a steady breeze and so we were able to turn the engine off for most of our journey! April had fun in the cockpit. She also had a little sleep but I’m the master of cat naps and I spent the day […]

I took my yearly dip today!

We’re on the way!

Well furiends we’re on the way! I love road trips because I get to sing to mum and I get lots of extra treats! The trip from Lake Maggiore down to Rome will take us around six hours. This is April’s first long road trip, so we will be making lots of stops on the […]

All packed but not quite ready to go!

Today we’ve got the van all packed and bought and packed one of everything from IKEA! We’re just making sure that Nocturne is OK now before we leave her tomorrow. We’re all feeling a mixture of emotions because of course in a purrfect world we wouldn’t be moving off the boat, but we’re going to […]

One Simple Question – a must watch!

One Simple Question is a refreshingly honest film demonstrating what it’s really like to be out in a sailboat during the good times and the times when you consider why on earth you chose to travel by boat in the first place! The film is narrated by the very inspirational Teresa Carey and follows her […]

Beautiful Rome!

I’ve sent the humans out into beautiful Rome this evening because I want to make sure we enjoy it properly before we leave in a few months! After years in Rome the humans had never actually been into the Colosseum! So last week they went in and looked around and they even spotted a cat! […]

Mixed Feelings

Furiends I have some big news! In March 2016 we are going to leave Rome. Due to the humans work commitments we are moving to Milan… This is exciting in some ways but very sad in other ways. You see, for at least a little while, we will be moving off the boat and living […]

Happy to be on Adventure Cats this Caturday!

Happy Caturday furiends! This week I’m so excited to tell you that I’m on Adventure Cats! It’s a fairly new website dedicated to lots of adventurous cats just like me. My human and I were interviewed and you can read all about it here on Adventure Cats website! I hope you enjoy it! Bisous, Bailey