Welcome home Annabelle!

Furiends, three is a magic number… I have three canine slaves now! Annabelle is a ten week old long coat chihuahua! She’s tiny but mighty and the purrfect boat sized dog to complete our crew!

She was a gift from a dear furiend of ours, Marina, as an early wedding present for my humans. She arrived today looking gorgeous!

It was the first time I’ve ever met a chihuahua and I was curious at first. Mum told me that she’s the purrfect size to be my chief of staff and whip April and Blue into shape once I’ve trained her up.

April and Blue had dinner with Annabelle and she fit straight in.

We’re all very excited and happy to welcome Annabelle into our family. I’d like to remind everyone that dogs, and all animals for that matter, are a lifelong commitment and should never be taken on lightly. Annabelle is a beautiful gift from a dear furiend but everyone discussed and thought about her best interests and needs at length. She is extremely tiny at the moment and will not be left unattended with anyone until she’s old enough and big enough to answer to my orders and boss April and Blue around.

Thank you so much Marina, we all love our new crew member.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Oh Bailey Annabelle is beautiful! I know the two of you are going to be great friends!


  2. Amazing little girl, Bailey! Hello Annabelle! ❤️


  3. Congratulations Bailey on your new little sister. I have no doubt you’ll teach her the ropes! Have fun! Bisous!


  4. Congratulations on your new sister! (I was expecting another cat, since all other species in your family seem to be in pairs.) That said, chihuahuas can be good friends for cats. I know this for a fact because Livie Lou, Saphera’s best friend (and a chihuahua) is also Purrseidon’s favorite playmate.


  5. 15andmeowing says:

    Welcome Annabelle! She is a cutie, but make sure you let her know you are the boss Bailey.


  6. Beautiful Annabelle, you will all be great friends, a lot of work!


  7. Diane sargent says:

    But..but..Bailey—-how are 2 humans, 3 dogs & 2 lobsters going to fit on YOUR sailboat ??


  8. She’s a beautiful girl!


  9. What a little cutie! I’m sure she’ll be an awesome assistant, Bailey.


  10. Ha!!!! I KNEW it was another dog!!!! HA!!!!!! Annabelle IS a cutie, just adorable!! But……..Bailey? I have one word for you………………….RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo


  11. Well, she’s not a donkey, but I LOVE HER anyway! Congratulations to you and your family. Annabelle is a beauty!

    Love and licks,


  12. Be careful Bailey not to get the family too big. The more bodies there are the more the humans have to spread their love around. I know I have 5 dog brothers and sisters )Then there are times when the human babies arrive. Of course human babies grow up to be more servants for the house animals.

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  13. Whee-doggies,-Bailey!


  14. Bailey, would you like a small kitten?


  15. Dear Bailey We are so happy you have yet another crewmember, especially one closer to your size!! Train her up early, so your final crew will be evenly balanced, dear fellow! She is adorable. Hope the Borders and Lobsters think so, too! We look forward to seeing you ALL afloat! Pat


  16. She is super sweet – congrats to your new family member! Well, written about lifelong commitment for animals….many “forget” about that, sadly!


  17. She’s a cutie.


  18. Oh Bailey! A kitty-sized puppy! She is adorable………. Now you have a like-sized friend to help you keep the crew in shape……what a SWEET gift for your Mom and Dad. I hope everyone gets along beautifully.

    Hugs, Teddy


  19. Valarie Marquez says:

    Welcome Annabelle. I’m sure you will have her properly trained in no time!


  20. They’re good dogs to have, and the right size for you, Bailey. Most definitely, she’ll make for a good admiral’s aide. You’ll have to decide on her rank, of course. Have a great weekend. 🙂


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