Another busy boat day!

Today we’ve all been busy.

Dad has been up the mast sorting out a few issues and taking down our broken spreader light.

April has been learning how to fish under my instruction…

(*spoiler alert* we caught one, but I’ll save those photos for tomorrow!)

April then took her turn as Nocturne’s guard dog… she needs to work on looking menacing- most people that walk past coo at how ‘cute’ she is!

And finally we enjoyed a rest whilst we set the humans to work!

I hope you’ve all had a pawesome day too!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. A very good plan Bailey, share the work with the humans!

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  2. If Monty was still with us, he would be thrilled to see you back on Noccy. But he is watching down on you! Montyx mom.


  3. redbamcrafts says:

    Hi Bailey! Just wanted to drop by and let you know how much I enjoy your posts. When Mrs. B reads your post, I get to sit on her lap. Your travel preparations has ignited my own wanderlust. But, alas, it is too hot here in Nevada for us to venture out but, I know there’s a buzz about hitting the road soon.

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  4. Bailey, it appears that your skipper skills have returned unscathed! Nice job managing multiple tasks, AND getting some rest. Very clever, dear fellow! Be sure to let Dad know what a good job he did!! Pat

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  5. Yeah, I think my human would have a hard time being intimidated by April too – she’d probably want to pet her!

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    • She would kill any intruder with kisses… at least Blue growls when people come in… closely followed by kisses! I despair… what’s the point in guard-dogs that luck you to death! Hehe!


  6. that is a good days work for you both….Hehehe April is cute but then so are you,xxSpeedy

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  7. Busy, busy! Under your guidance I’m sure April will be “earning her keep” on board being an official guard pup…..meanwhile can’t wait to hear the “fishing tale” !

    Hugs, Teddy

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