Cleaning a sailboat’s interior, de-moulding!

Furiends we’ve spent the last two days scrubbing away at Nocturne’s interior trying to get her ship shape again. Anyone that has ever loved a sailboat will know that mould just loves to grow inside!

Noccy was a little bit mouldy because she’d been left on her own for a while, so Mum, April and I set to work on her. (Dad has been busy with mechanical things and Noccy’s exterior.)

We took everything out around the hull lining so that we could scrub away all of the mould. We’re very proud of our hard work.

It sure is tiring though…

Noccy is looking beautiful again now though. We’re all missing Blue Bear but at least he’s not been cleaning all day!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. It looks as though you all worked very hard and Noccy looks great. I imagine she smells nice too!


  2. Nice work team! Mound can very dangerous to your health. 💕❤️👍🏻


  3. Looks like a job well-done, and a cruise well-earned! Pat


  4. Wow, Bailey: It’s so obvious you and April did the hard stuff! Good job, kiddoes!


  5. Your hard work paid off – Noccy looks great!


  6. Oh I bet it is a lot of hard work but Noccy looks beautiful inside – I bet it smells a lot better too without that mold!

    Hugs, Teddy


  7. Blue IS a smart dog. He got to get our of the work! He an April must have planned this. Nest time make him do double duty.


  8. Jill Clark says:

    Bailey I bet you worked very hard scrubbing and cleaning.


  9. It’s good to hear you sounding happy (OK tired but happy). I know you all love being on Nocturne and we love you all too!


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