Finally finished!

Today we finally finished mum’s last portfolio for university. I say we because I’ve been helping and if I’m honest, I’m probably the main reason she finished on time.

I’m always free to purr and waft my tail in her face when she gets distracted. I whip her back into shape and make sure she gets it done. She’s not very grateful for my help but I insist on helping anyway! Now she only has to do her final project and she has six months to do it, so I’ve told her that she has to stop hogging my laptop!

It’s such a big relief to finally finish our modules, because now I can concentrate on all of you again properly instead of solely on my humans. It’s beautiful weather here in Italy now and I’m looking forward to lots of new adventures this summer.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Congrats to your mum, Bailey! ❤️😬😌👍🏻


  2. Six months goes by in a flash, so be sure to apply her nose regularly to the grindstone!
    Since your list of furry-ends here included Amber and Pearl, a little wildcat named Cassie came to us from a factory. I will tell her stories of your adventures.


  3. Paws up to your mom, Bailey!


  4. edithchase says:

    Congratulations to your Mom, Bailey. I’m glad you were such a big help to her.


  5. pawesome news!!


  6. Helping working moms is important work, B. I stare at Mom to help her work. She says it’s creepy. That’s good… Right…?

    Love and licks,


  7. Good job helping mum finish up her school work! Now, Bailey, make sure she gets the big project done. 6 months will fly by!! Pat


  8. Well done for mom. Looking forward to your summer adventures.
    Monty,s mom. X


  9. I’m so glad you are back, Bailey, and your human has more time to help you with your blog!


  10. 15andmeowing says:

    Congratulations to your Mum! She is lucky you helped her too.


  11. You are lucky to have humans in the prime of their life. Getting married, building careers. When I was younger I had an exciting life. My human and I did TV commercals and shows in California where I met and worked with TV stars but now I/we are retired to PA and I help manage this dog daycare. Of course I AM over 13 now and my human, well let’s just say I hear she gets senior discounts at many places. ( Opps she heard me) Love M.J.


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