Blue found a baby magpie!

Dear furiends today I have a bittersweet tale for you all.

Yesterday, my brother Blue found a magpie. We think he’d fallen from a tree because he was far too young to be out of the nest on his own and he couldn’t fly. When Blue found him he barked in a very distressed manner until mum went to see what was going on. We were all very worried that he might die so we brought him inside and tried to feed and water him.

Luckily our dear furiend, Irina, used to have a tame magpie and she told us to feed it minced beef and use a syringe to give it drops of water. After a little while our new furiend looked much better and was actually really happy.

Blue especially loved our new furiend, because he was similar colours I guess and he had technically saved his life.

Mum held me because she said I couldn’t be trusted but I liked him too…

He was doing so well and even mum fell in love with the little guy!

Uncle Gery and Irina drove all of the way from Rome to Milan to come and rescue him. They were going to nurse him back to health in peace and give him a great start and chance at life.

You might have realised that unfortunately I’m talking about our little furiend in the past tense. After a miraculous recovery during the day and a good sleep, he passed away early this morning.

He was only with us very briefly but he touched all of us and we will never forget him.

I never realised how much character and intelligence magpies have and will always watch them fondly now. I hope our little furiend rests in peace.

Wishing you all a pawesome week.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Such a bummer Bailey. You all did a really good thing. 😔


  2. I’m so sorry to read this. It sounds like you all really touched his life. It’s so nice he had others to care for him in his final hours.


  3. At least he passed away in the presence of the warm divers family of yours Bailey. You’ve done all you could.. and the magpie touched your hearts.. that is a beautiful parting gift!
    May the magpie now be free of suffering!


  4. aww so sad for the magpie and all of you but so very glad that everyone tried so hard to make him well.


  5. So sad . Birds don’t handle stress well. Do they not have worms in your country? we smash up worms to imitate regurgitated worms that the momma bird would give them. But seeing 2 dogs and a cat staring at him probably stressed him a bit. not to mention the fall


  6. So sad to hear. It does look as if this little guy was doing well. Mom and Dad raised a baby robin once. It lived with them for a very long time until they released it. They named the robin, Edith. XOCK from your sisfurs and brofurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  7. Aw, we’re sorry to hear the little magpie didn’t make it. They are so fragile…


  8. I wonder if he had some illness, which his parents recognized. If so, this could be why he was found on the ground, since I’ve heard of birds pushing ill chicks out of the nest. I know this sounds terribly hard-hearted, but wild animals don’t have the luxury of hospitals.


  9. I’m so sad to hear the rescue wasn’t. As an owner of an athletic cat and a lover of birds, I’d like to give you some information for future reference. If a bird has a single puncture wound from a cat or dog, the bacteria in the saliva will kill the bird. Whenever we find birds that our cat may have … toyed with… we take it to the vet for life-saving antibiotics. We have an excellent wildlife rescue that we support with donations that has been willing to help. So the bird may look ok, but if there could be a puncture anywhere, it needs veterinary care.😥
    Good going to Blue for alerting you!


  10. Aw, Bailey and Blue, what a shame about the little magpie. He looked happy, and must have known how hard you all worked to save him! We, too, have had this experience with different types of birds, and it’s very sad when they don’t make it.

    He brought joy and enriched your lives for a brief time, so that is a wonderful legacy for the little brave fellow! Pat


  11. 15andmeowing says:

    That is so sad, I am sorry he didn’t make it.


  12. Birdies are such fragile things. You never know what can be going on with the wild ones. I’m so sorry this baby didn’t make it – he sure was cute!


  13. Jill Clark says:

    You cared for him and let him know he did not cross over the Rainbow Bridge alone. Hopefully he was at peace.


  14. Birds are very fragile, but seems like you gave it your best attempt. I don’t have photos to show, but one time—I nearly stepped on baby bird (fresh from his shell, I think). Fed him and took him home, where he lived on my Norfolk Island potted tree. Kept his room shut off from my vicious predator house cats, but one day I forgot to shut the door and one of my kitties got to him. I still tear up to think of how he could’ve been released…Lou the cuckoo RIP.


  15. One does one’s best — sadly, as with a bird we tried to save recently, it isn’t always good enough.


  16. What a sad end….at least you all did everything you could =^.^=


  17. Valarie Marquez says:

    How sweet of Blue. Yes, Maggie’s are very intelligent. You all gave him a peaceful last few hours and that is a good and kind thing.


  18. Sweet. It is with overwhelming sadness that Monty, passed away on Monday night. He used to look forward to your stories and pictures. God bless his soul. Monty,s mom.


  19. So sorry Bailey. Magpies are really great little birds. Lovely pictures you have to remember little Magpie by.


  20. HermanTattleCat says:

    Baby birds are so fragile. We’ve rescued woodpeckers and robins and blue jays, and sometimes they don’t make it. Heartbreaking! But you did the best for the little guy. Bless you!


  21. So sorry you lost your friend, Bailey. Sometimes one does all they can and it is not enough. The little one may have had other problems or internal injuries you couldn’t see.


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