Happy 80th Birthday Mr Gramps!

Today is Mr Gramps’ 80th Birthday! He is a very special man and we all love him more than we could possibly describe.

He and I have a special relationship and I miss him a lot when he’s not here. He loves all animals, even woofers, which makes him even more special! Hehe!

Today he has been treated to a gliding experience by the family and dad was also treated as an early 40th birthday present. They’ve all had a wonderful day!

I hope you’re all having a purrfect Easter weekend with your loved ones.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Wow he looks like a young 80, I think folks who love animals age better than those who don’t. Happy Birthday Mr. Gramps!

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  2. Happy birthday young man!!

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  3. 15andmeowing says:

    Happy Birthday to your Gramps!

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  4. My human grandpa is 92. He can’t hear well ( which he says is a blessing around us dogs) but gets around great.

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  5. Happy birthday to your gramps! And it looks like your male human got a fun early birthday present too!

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  6. Happy birthday, Mr. G. Apparently, 80 is the new 50. You look GREAT!

    Love and licks,

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  7. Bailey, how cool that your grandpa could visit and have some quality gliding time with your dad! Mr. Gramps looks very fit and happy! Best Easter greetings to you all from all of us! Pat

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  8. Happy Birthday to your Gramps Bailey,xx Speedy

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  9. What??? Look at all of you great people! Thanks for showing us how you look! Irish, right? Me too:).

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  10. Happy Birthday to your Gramps!!!!!!

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  11. Happy Birthday to your Mr. Gramps, and early greetings to your dad.
    Plus, a Happy Easter to all! =^..^=

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  12. Happy Birthday to your Gramps!! catchatwithcarenandcody

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  13. Happy birthday to your Gramps! what a fun present.


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