Climbing to new heights!

Furiends, as you’re all well aware, I am an adventurer! I’ve found life on land quite… ordinary… at ground level at least! That’s why yesterday I decided to climb the tree in our garden and have a great view of the mountains that surround us.

Can you spot me?

I was so proud of myself and my climbing abilities but mum, who stood calling for me at the bottom of the tree for close to two hours, was NOT impressed! She’s such a spoilt sport!

I came down in my own sweet time and then she swept me up and brought me back inside. The puppies were so jealous that I got to hang out in the tree! They could never climb high like that! Another reason why we cats are far superior!

I hope you all have a pawesome week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Oh Bailey, be careful up there!! I’m glad you came back down on your own. ☺️


  2. Hi Bailey, It’s Pete! Wow you were really scaring your mom by getting so high up in that tree. I know you had a really great vies from up there, but think what would happen if a limb should break. I had an older sister who was a real escape artist and when ever she ran out of the house the first thing she would do was to run up a tree. Dad would call and call and she wouldn’t come down. Once she was finally coming down the tree, backwards, and about twenty feet up, the bark broke loose, She was falling, Dad ran under her to catch her and he did, she scratched his arms and then she landed on his head, scratching him from the top of his head all the way down his back. She was fine but she really hurt dad. Then she casually went in the house. Be very careful and maybe it would be best to let your dad take some aerial photos from his drone for you instead od climbing trees.
    Purrs from Pete and the whole family!

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  3. Bailey Pal, you are awesome! I’ve never been in a tree like that. M took me outside one day and let me be on one low branch. The minute I started to climb up higher, she took me off the tree and I had to go inside the house too. Not fairl. We cats should be able to climb trees.


  4. Mary McNeil says:

    Wow ! What an adventure for YOU but I feel for your Mom ! I remember 2 hours at the foot of a 50 foot pine tree with n open can of tuna while trying to get my new rescue kitty to come down…and again on a ladder up against the house in the October twilight when my Mom’s calico went up on the roof. Glad ALL of these ended well !


  5. Dear Bailey, I hope the mountain view was worth the effort, but we secretly think you just miss climbing up Noccy;s mast!! Glad you’re safe and sound, and you DO camouflage very well, dear buddy! Pat


  6. Great climbing, B. I have tried to climb trees. It’s always been unsuccessful. Lucky kitty.

    Love and licks,


  7. edithchase says:

    That first picture is like one of those trick ones. Where’s Bailey? 😄 I had to enlarge it to find you.


  8. Purrseidon just loves climbing our oak tree, and would probably swoon if she had such a tall tree to climb!


  9. Uh oh…..i see someone who is never going outside again except on a leash ! I finally spotted you in pic # 1—-you were way high up. Good work Bailey.


  10. Bailey, I am so happy to hear from you, and see you on such an adventuresome time! I am such a wisp when it comes to things, but I am an aging, indoor meezer! Love you and good luck in all what you do, but stay safe. Montyxx 😻👍💙


  11. Wow, how cool! I could never climb a tree like that… I am stuck on a leash, always. So I can only go so far.


  12. Yes when it comes to climbing you cats rule. I am part pug and not built for agility. coordination is not my middle name. But I have many other redeeming qualities.


  13. 15andmeowing says:

    I am impressed, but I feel bad for your Mum.


  14. Do be careful in the trees, Bailey. Your mom may now only let you outside when you’re supervised and on a leash 😦


  15. OMC Bailey you MUST NOT do that to your Mama! We know you like adventure but your Mama must have been beside herself with fear that you wouldn’t get down! I would have been a maniac!! xoxoxo catchatwithcarenandcody


  16. The Swiss Cats says:

    What fun ! We would love to climb that tree with you ! Purrs


  17. Well look at you up there! We’re just a little envious. We would love to be able to climb a tree other than our inside cat tree.


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