A phantom is in our mist!

Furiends we’re being haunted… by phantom puppies! April is having a phantom pregnancy and isn’t very happy.

Moody April

Blue and I haven’t really known what was wrong with her, because she’s been quite moody and out of sorts.

April and Blue

Today April had an ultrasound at the vets and she is definitely not pregnant. She had no opportunity to be, but the vet wanted to double check since her nipples are so enlarged. She’s been given some medication and apparently she should feel better in around five days.

Until then I’m keeping clear of her!

Chilling in the cat tree

Wishing you all a pawesome weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Poor April. We hope she feels better soon.

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  2. Yikes! Poor April 😦
    We purr she feels better soon. We don’y blame you for giving her a wide berth for now.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

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  3. What the heck? What causes that? Poor April..and poor you & poor Blue. Well, as good Buds, it’s both your jobs to keep her spirits up. Give her some smooches & some cuddles….

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  4. Wow, Bailey–I never heard of such a condition. Poor girl; give her tons of love while she’s dealing with it.

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  5. I had no idea that dog hormones were so complicated!

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  6. mitzithedog says:

    My human has gone through something similar. She called it “the Change” She can never decide whether to keep the covers on or off. It disturbs my dog sleeping at night. I…. oh oh, I just got ;THE LOOK” She does that when I say something she doesn’t want me to tell. Well anyway Bailey it will pass. (But women can be moody) Love M.J.

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  7. Oh,, Bailey. how sweet Blue looks looking after his sisfur. YOU are wise, however, to stay well out of reach! Hope April feels better soon. Enjoy your weekend! Pat

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  8. OMGoodness, B. Poor April. You and Blue are wise to steer clear. She will be back to her normal fun self soon.

    Love and licks,

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  9. Poor girl!!! Hoping she is back to being herself soon! xoxo DakotasDen


  10. The Swiss Cats says:

    Hormones can be so tricky, poor April ! We hope she feels better soon ! Purrs


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