I have Max’s human sister here for a week!

Furiends, you might remember my unlikely furiend, Max? We became furiends a few years ago when our families met on anchor in Elba.

Max and Bailey

Max was the most PAWESOME boat dog. Unfortunately he crossed the rainbow bridge last year, but I’m very happy to have one of his human sisters, Josefina, here staying for a week.


Josefina is from Argentina but she’s applying to universities here in Europe. She’s staying with us in between her open days. It’s so much fun to reconnect with furiends from all around the world.

Cousin Ria has been allowed home today. I will update you all on her progress tomorrow. Thank you all again for your positivity.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. How nice that you have dear Max’s human sister visiting, it must be pleasant t remember the good times that you and Max shared. We are looking forward to a good update on sweet Ria.
    Pete and the family


  2. Fun for you and beautiful pictures of Max. Please give Ria a great big night time prayer, love Monty
    Can hardly wait to see you sailing again! Always makes me happy! Montyxx


  3. Hi Bailey!

    I’m sorry to hear about Max. I’m glad Ria is doing better. Have fun with your friend!


  4. How fun to have a visitor!


  5. mitzithedog says:

    You and your humans are very gracious to open your home to all your visiting friends.


  6. Dear Bailey, We remember Max, and are so sorry to hear he has crossed the bridge. But, how nice that you can re-connect with his peeps! Have a great week. Pat


  7. Company is fun to have from time to time! Glad to hear Ria is coming home too.

    Love, Angel Sammy


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