Thank you so much furiends… Ria has taken her first step towards a long recovery

Dear furiends,

I’m overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for my cousin Ria. She has had her operation today and she’s in recovery now. Her accident was actually a week ago and her local vet had been monitoring her, which is purrfectly normal, before she was sent to the specialists. When the specialists opened her up and looked at her spinal cord, things were worse than they expected but they have done the best job they could. There was more bleeding when the surgeon moved the disk material but he was satisfied with the operation. Ria has woken up quite groggy, which is normal, and will be kept at the hospital for observation for at least a few days.

Ria, Polly and Blossom

Hopefully she’ll be at home recuperating with her sisters, Polly and Blossom, and her brother Digger soon.

Ria and Digger

I can’t express how grateful all of us are for your kind wishes.

Bisous, Bailey


  1. coloradohi says:

    So happy to hear Ria is on the way to recovery. More purrs for her. Love, Nikkei


  2. Come on Ria, you can do it! Best wishes!


  3. Love to Ria! Big procedure! God bless! Montyxx


  4. sending prayers that she recovers well….(((hugs))) and love to all!


  5. Continuing to keep Ria in our prayers, and her4 parents too,


  6. Sounds like Ria is getting great care; bless her so much.


  7. We are so happy to hear this news!
    We will continue to send healing purrs to Ria;
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ


  8. Good luck, R. Stay strong. Prayers for you and your doctors and your family to be brave and smart and patient.

    Love and licks,


  9. edithchase says:

    Keeping her in my thoughts. I hope she heals quickly and with the least amount of pain. 💞


  10. Oh Bailey, We hope the surgery was successful, and we are sending our best wishes for her good health and speedy recovery! Maggie, Felix and Pat


  11. Please keep us posted on Ria! I will continue to send her purrs until she is well.


  12. My prayers for you all, get well soon Ria! Love, nia


  13. The Swiss Cats says:

    Yay ! We’re so happy to hear such good news ! We wish Ria a good recovery, and we send her tons of healing purrs. Purrs


  14. Glad to hear the operation is over for this sweetie! We hope she’ll make a quicker than expected recovery 🙂


  15. Many continuing purrs and positive thoughts as Ria recovers.


  16. Good Luck, Ria and get well soon! Many purrs =^.^=


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