Enjoying family!

I’ve had a PAWESOME week this week with mum, the puppies and mum’s stepdad, John. He arrived on Wednesday and we’ve all had so much fun together!


Today April and Blue had separate walks. Blue went to a town called Arona with mum and John. He still needs to build his confidence because he is quite timid but he had a PAWESOME day out today.

Blue and John

And April went to the river and had some off the lead…training. Mum is trying to train her to be obedient so that when she’s old enough she can do agility with her. April is the opposite of Blue, she’s very stubborn and always energetic. They all had fun today though and now I’ve got some peace because they’re all tired.

April and mum

Unfortunately John has to go home on Sunday, but on Monday dad comes home from Australia! I’m so excited because (don’t tell mum) he’s my favourite human in the whole world and I’ve missed him terribly these past three weeks!

Dad and I

I hope you all have a PAWESOME weekend!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. I’d never tell, but my dad is my favorite too.


  2. mitzithedog says:

    remember to make your dad feel guilty about being away.


  3. Glad you have had a great week! Sooooooo happy, your dad will be back! Have a restful weekend, I plan to as it is cold and snowy hear in Victoria, BC Canada! Montyxx


  4. What a fun time!


  5. Love the photos!!!! Just precious!! xoxo


  6. You have a lovely family there Bailey…take good care of them
    Hugs & Smooches from CT


  7. It looks like everyone had such a fun time!


  8. Looks like the pups had a great day. Glad your Dad is coming home. Love the Photos!


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