Wishing you all a warm weekend!

We’re all still freezing here with -2 degrees and the snow from last week still hasn’t melted properly so we have an ice rink in our garden. I’m hoping for warmer weather really soon, but until then, if you’re in a warm climate I hope you can enjoy it for all of us here!

Selfie in sunny Lakka

Until it warms up I’ll just be dreaming of the warmer weather!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. mitzithedog says:

    My human comes home tomorrow from Haiti. She had the nerve to tell me it was 88 (F) there and today SHE was at the BEACH!


  2. Bailey! I’m sure your dad has told you of the continuing heatwave on the east coast of Oz? I am OVER Summer & it’s heat (and so is Sam) so you are more than welcome to our summer.


  3. Warmer times will prevail! Montyxx


  4. Well, that picture sure warmed us up, Bailey.


  5. We sure hope it warms up for you. We are praying for all of those trapped in the avalanche!


  6. Brrr! I hope warmer times are ahead… and soon!


  7. Yes, Bailey, We’d all like Spring to arrive soon! Stay warm and safe, dear furiend! Pat


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