Guilt trip selfies from the suitcases…

Suitcase selfie



  1. Cute pics, but oh my goodness the one on top is adorable!!!

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  2. You all look great.

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  3. Ha Ha, you must be playing musical suitcases, because April is missing one! Where is Sharkie’s other half?! Pat

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  4. Great pics! Montyxx

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  5. Oh my gosh those are priceless you all!!!

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  6. It’s getting to the point that when my human pulls out my carrier… Binga and Boodie get bummed!

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  7. Bailey, these are so funny. Did you have any kind of a breakthrough in getting your dad to decide to take you with him. So funny to see Blue in a suitcase as well. Mom will add you to the hop. Have you stopped by to meet our and your new brofur, Cooper Murphy? Sending lottos love to all from your brofur and sisfurs.


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