Dad’s on his way to Australia!

Today we pawed goodbye to dad for three weeks as he’s flown off to Australia.

Dad and a kangaroo

I’m not sure he’ll appreciate me sharing this photo with you all, but there’s not much he can do about it from the other side of the world! MOL! He’s joining his kangaroo cousins again!

Mum, the puppies and I will all miss him (me the most because I love lying on his chest at bedtime) but we hope he has a PAWESOME TIME!

Dad and I

I hope you all have a purrfect week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Wow that sounds like an exciting trip for your dad, I know you’ll miss him, but when he gets back he’ll have great new stories to tell you. Purraying for hime to be safe and be home soon.

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  2. OMG that photo is HILARIOUS!!!! Love it! They look like brothers!!! lol! (I happen to LOVE “Roos”!! )

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  3. You will really miss your dad! He must be seeing family! Hope the pups behave and you help your mom! Montyx

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  4. mitzithedog says:

    Very funny my human is in Haiti on a mission trip and is sharing this with her friends

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  5. I hope your male human has an awesome trip!

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  6. Which one is the kangaroo? 😆

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  7. Maybe your dad had enough of the cold in Europe….?!

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