The puppies are vermin…

Okay, they’re not really vermin, but they do have vermi. Vermi in English means worms!!!

I’m horrified! This morning Blue was sick and there were worms wriggling out! It was really disgusting.

Mum took them both to the vets and they had an examination and some medicine and apparently they’ll be absolutely fine now. They have to have some more medicine in three weeks to be sure that there’s no worms or eggs left and then they can go back to normal worming treatments. They’re so beastly, they grub around in goodness knows what outside and eat the most unsavoury of things… I hope this will be a lesson for them… but I doubt it!


Cats really are superior, not that I’m biased of course! Hehe!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. edithchase says:

    Yeah, dogs are kind of gross. My dog would eat everything if I let her and she’s 6 years old. 😛

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  2. Yes true, Cats are superior, but when dad first brought our Feral brothers and sisters home they too had worms. Dad said they probably ate stuff besides the food that he and the ladies provided. It took too treatments for them to be worm free. You’re so right, worms are disgusting! The poor babies look kind of embarrassed about the whole thing.

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  3. OMG… puppies cute, but cats, especially siamese rock!
    They will be better soon, all those things you have to watch! Montyxx

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  4. Cats rule! But the dogs are kinda cute.

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  5. Oh wow, B. They look so sweet and innocent I’d never have guessed they were crawling with gross worms. Yikes. Steer clear of them for now.

    Love and licks,

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  6. mitzithedog says:

    Where I live we take heartworm medicine every month which has medicine in it for other types of worms. A monthly worming pill as a preventive might be a good idea..I assume they are the regular round worms.

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  7. Ewwww! Are you sure they did not pass them along to you, Bailey?

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  8. Blue looks appropriately chastised in this photo. April–not so much !
    ( oops, did I get their names mixed up ?…anyway the b/w dog looks pretty perky & not one bit unhappy)!

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  9. The Swiss Cats says:

    It happens when you eat stuff outside… Since our Angel Loupi got sick on a New Years Eve because of worms, Claire promises to never ever forget our worm treatment again…. Purrs

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  10. I hope they haven’t managed to infect you!

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  11. Of COURSE cats are superior! If you call your girlfriend “kitten” that’s a complement! If you call her a “dog”… 😦

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