Helping my human

As you know mum is studying for a Master’s degree at the moment and she has a portfolio due at the end of the week. So today the two of us spent the day hard at work in the office! She was quite ungrateful each time I got up to wrap my tail around her […]

Multiplying Puppies!

Furiends you may remember yesterday’s selfie showed me to be a little purrturbed? Well now you can see why! The puppy count in my house yesterday jumped up from two to three! I was well and truly outnumbered! April and Blue’s brother Sport came to visit! Shirley was the lady that bred April and Blue […]

Sunday Selfie- What the CAT!

Caturday fun!

Happy Caturday Furiends! Once again I’m behind on Caturday Connections because it’s such a busy time for my crew and I at the moment. I’m hoping to get interviewing again soon, but today I’ve just been having fun with mum’s mum and the others! I hope you’re all having a PAWESOME Caturday! Bisous, Bailey

A winter’s day on the lake!

The humans and the puppies went off to spend the afternoon on the lake and I took the time to keep warm and nap! The mountains look so beautiful in the sunlight but it’s still very cold here! The puppies looked after the humans and mum’s mum had a pawesome time! Dad also had fun […]

Mum’s mum is here!

Furiends I’m so happy today because mum’s mum arrived! She’s brought us all lots of goodies from England and I’m delighted! We’ve not had any time to take new photos yet but here’s one from a couple of years ago! Ruth is staying for the whole weekend and we have lots of fun things planned. […]

Are you sitting comfortably?