Are you sitting comfortably?



  1. You look like you’re having a great nap. Bailey. What are you dreaming?


  2. That’s my seat on the office chair! My human has to sit around me.


  3. I require a cushion and a blanket of some sort to make a pillow with it.


  4. We think you look pretty comfy 🙂
    Now if you can get treats delivered to that chair…
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  5. You look very, relaxed. My mom just came in, she has to start working for me now! Montyx


  6. You do look comfy.


  7. Dear Bailey, you look very comfortable and cozy! Wish we could curl up with you, dear buddy. Pat


  8. You look comfy Bailey………….enjoy your “chair snooze” !

    Hugs, Sammy


  9. Lookin fine there Bailey….a doggie free zone rite??? 😉
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx


  10. We have a new office chair. The old one, with nearly 17 years of service, was retired to our patio. We’re not too sure about the new one since it is leather – feels funny under the feet, but is the perfect Captain’s chair. 🙂


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