It’s freezing outside!

Furiends the temperature has dropped here this week and it’s now -1 degree Celsius! So I’ve been keeping warm and snuggled up inside.

Chilling in the cat tree

My cat tree has two purrfect cubby holes but I still really miss the cubby holes on Nocturne… they’re the best!

I hope you’re all keeping warm too!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Glad that you have a snug warm place to be when it is cold outside. I really like your tree. I have been considering one for my girls, that way they wouldn’t need to sit on top of the door!


  2. Diane sargent says:

    I’d have to do the math to F, but -1C sounds cold to me. Snuggle up !


  3. That looks like a nice comfy hole. I would never be able to fit in it but it looks great for you.


  4. We’re having a warm day here after rain this morning. That is a terrific cat tree. Do you snuggle with the woofies? XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  5. June Buggie wants a tree like that, but I’m afraid he’d climb up high and throw stuff at me. 😟


  6. It’s gotten colder here too, Bailey. We stay by the heat vents.


  7. You will be all snuggled up soon on Noccy! Montyx


  8. It IS cold where you are, Bailey! And I thought that 13 degrees celsius was pretty chilly!


  9. Dear Bailey, We’ve been having a “heat wave” here on the Chesapeake Bay, so about 18 degrees C. Love your cat tree, and hope you are keeping well exercised and cozy!! Pat


  10. What an awesome cat tree! Nice to have one to get away from a certain dog–not that she’s a bad dog 🙂


  11. The only one of us with a biological fur coat (they say I have one but I seem to have lost my hat), and I find you shivering on your perch. Speaking of perch, have you seen what’s in the water around the docks lately? (Yes, I’m coaxing you outdoors).


  12. We’re cold too. We may even have snow tomorrow, and again next week when it’ll be more colder.


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