Constant rain!

We’ve had constant rain here for the past two days! As you know I usually love to go outside with the humans and the puppies but even I haven’t wanted to venture outside!


April and Blue have only been allowed outside under supervision (So they don’t end up looking like muddy monsters again!) and their walk was cut short due to the torrential rain. Our garden looks like a mud bath and mum and I have been researching how to replant some grass for next year.


I’m looking forward to some potential snow over the winter but really I just want it to get sunny and warm again!

Sunny grass

I hope you’ve all got nicer weather!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. We could use some of that rain Bailey, The last significant amount we have had was with Hurricane Matthew, and that was two months ago


  2. ugh, yes, rain is a necessary thing but too much rain all at once isn’t fun and as you say, it cuts down on the playing in the yard part of the program. Hoping that the puppies don’t get too dirty. I’m a big fan of warm and sunny myself – so wishing for those days to come soon.


  3. Rain, rain, go away, cause Bailey and pups want to play! Sounds like you are on the west coast of BC where I live, we call it the wet coast, good wellies! Montyx


  4. It’s always kind of sad when the sun puddles go away and get replaced by rain puddles.


  5. It’s tough to get potty breaks in when it rains. they do make indoor potty grass for dogs


  6. We hope the rain stops so you can get outside again, Bailey.


  7. Diane sargent says:

    Ugh…here in CT in USA, we have very cold winds & weather. In one nearby town , they had 16″ of snow yesterday. Not ready for this at all….. stay warm !
    Dewey,Duffy & Tammi


  8. It’s snowing here, actually it’s like an ice/snow mix. Yuk!


  9. Bailey, despite the rain, it appears that you are doing a masterful round-up job! We thought Border Collies were the herders, but….you appear to have turned the tables, you clever feline!! Go for it, dear buddy! Pat P.S. We hope it dries up soon.


  10. Bailey, are you really herding those silly doggies? Winter is coming in our hemisphere…I don’t ski, do you?


  11. You can send your rain our way! We are currently in a dry spell.


  12. Our weather is Springlike tht means too windy, too rainy, too wet but a scattring of sunshine to keep us on our toes! You guys look WET!


  13. We haven’t had rain is such a long time,we have forgotten what it looks like. It is almost impossible to have grass when you have woofies running around all the time. Good luck. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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