FaceTime fun with Digger!

Last night, to start the week off peacefully, I kicked April and Blue outside to go and play ball. I was hoping they’d tire each other out. They asked if they could invite their brother Digger, who lives with my mum’s mum and my cousins in Cornwall! I was feeling generous, so I lent them my iPad and they FaceTimed Digger!

FaceTime with Digger

He was really happy to see them and their bouncy balls!

Digger on FaceTime

April and Blue had so much fun showing him how fast they can run.

Digger facetime

They FaceTimed for ages and none of them got bored of watching each other! Isn’t FaceTime pawesome? The best part was… I got some peace and quiet!

Sleepy Helper


  1. Bailey, you are a very wise older brother. By doing something nice for the pups, (letting them facetime with digger) you were able to have a nice rest. Well done, wise kitty!


  2. OMG you are hilarious!!!!!!! I LOVE that you “facetimed” Digger!!!! What fun!!!!! One day I will have you facetime Dakota 😉


  3. Smart cat !!


  4. mitzithedog says:

    What a smart kitten you are!


  5. Smart Bailey!
    You found a purrfect way to amuse the woofies while you enjoyed a nap 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ


  6. How fun! I wonder when my human and I visit Vancouver next month, if maybe Binga and I can Facetime? And she wouldn’t be able to whap me!


  7. Another brilliant stroke on your part, dear Bailey! You got some rest, and the dogs had fun! Pat


  8. Hi Bailey , We are feeling very proud of ourselves, having looked after Mum so well during the recent earthquake. We snuggled on her duvet all night to make sure she was ok. Unlike our upstairs friend who abandoned her human all night. Now we know how it must feel on a moving boat .
    Purrs , Cleo


  9. Haha, hilarious – I bet they had fun! Well done =^.^=


  10. Jill Clark says:

    Bailey, you are so smart.


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