A busy week ahead

Furiends this week is going to be very busy in our household. Dad has to go away for work and mum has work and uni work to do. I’m going to be busy managing everyone and keeping the puppies in check!


They like to spend lots of their time rolling around biting each other playfully, so paws crossed it won’t be too time consuming and I can still get some cat naps in!

Asleep in April's bed

I hope you all have a pawesome week!

Bisous, Bailey


  1. Your household is always busy! Take time to rest! You are a good sitter for those pups!Montyx

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  2. We purr you get to have some good naps too!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  3. mitzithedog says:

    Looks like while they are busy you are catnapping in their bed. Those look like dog toys to me

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  4. Diane sargent says:

    Just look at them ! Silly doggies..!!!!

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  5. Hopefully they will keep each other busy!

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