Sleeping like a baby

One of the benefits of being a cat is sleeping. I can sleep anywhere in any position!


Recently though, I’ve been sleeping like a baby!

Bailey in the cot

Quite literally…in a baby’s cot.

In the cot

It’s Loki’s little human, Darcy’s, old cot. We had it here for baby AJ and now I love it!

Where do you like to sleep?

Bisous, Bailey


  1. We have lots of snoozy spots around the house.
    We like beds the best.We also like the porch when it is sunny 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  2. Snoozing is great! The cottage looks great, and private too! Montyx

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  3. My tablet and typos, I meant cot! Montyx

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  4. Bailey, you are SERIOUSLY the most adorable “baby” I have ever seen!!! Cody likes to sleep on the arm rest of the couch, he will even go into his carrier that we use for the Vet, he has been in there a lot lately!

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  5. Dear Bailey, you have certainly found a very protected and cozy cot! But, you can sleep well anywhere, any time! Felix and Maggie like sleeping on mom’s bed, on top of files, inside shopping bags or on the guest bed. They like to change their venue every 3 days or so!!

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  6. mariodacat says:

    We like how you sleep on your back. None of M’s kitties have never done that. i’m always curled up in a ball. I usually sleep with M, but sometimes when it’s warmer out, I sleep with D instead. Love how you like to sleep in the baby’s bed! So cute.

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  7. mitzithedog says:

    I prefer the small dog size sofa in front of the TV or hanging out under the bed

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  8. Aww, Bailey that is so adorable you look so cute!

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  9. What cute photos of you!! I sleep anywhere I can find a spot that’s QUIET!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  10. Kia ora Bailey ! I sleep next to Mum often she jokes I take up as much space on a bed as a human – which is ridiculous as clearly the whole king size bed is just right for my petit size !

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  11. Great Pictures, Bailey! I love to sleep in my waterbed…although, I have to share it with my humans 🙂 During the days the wintergarden is the purrfect spot, where I can watch the birdies =^.^=


  12. Momma Kitty sleeps on the 1/4-berth –


  13. On top of the humans, of course! We love that first photo, Bailey. You really got into that nap. Love to all. XOCK from your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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