Thank you furiends and an apology!

Dear furiends, thank you to everyone that has volunteered to pawticipate in Caturday Connections. The next few weeks and months are going to be very exciting with all the pawesome interviews that are lining up. I will try to get a message or an email to you all over the next few days. I’m currently […]

Ahoy there me hearties!

Happy talk like a pirate day te ye! Welcome aboard, ye better start te speak ze lingo else I’ll force ye te walk ze plank! I be serious now! Yo ho Ho! Try yer best hearties and there’ll be some grog in it for ye! Bisous, Bailey

Serious Selfie

Looking for volunteers to pawticipate in Caturday Connections!

Dear furiends, I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Caturday! I’m looking for some new volunteers to pawticipate in my Caturday Connections weekly slot! You don’t have to be a cat to be welcomed and you can either be an adventurous pet or a real home bird. I’d just like to get to […]

Noccy is doing well!

Today dad flew down to Rome to check on Noccy. Mum hasn’t gone because of April. Initially I was really annoyed because I thought if it weren’t for April, mum and I would’ve gone too…but mum said she would’ve flown with dad and I would’ve had a friend here to watch over instead of my […]

April has had an upgrade!

Furiends my baby sister is now much bigger than I am! Remember when she was a tiny ball of fluff? Well, since then she’s grown into a lanky teenager and she started to look like she’d outgrown her crate… so she’s had a big upgrade! She loves the new crate! She can roll around in […]

Missing the Dinghy Devils!

Fair Winds Dear Captain Tony.

Today is a very sad day furiends. Our beloved furiend, Captain Tony, has passed away after a brave fight against cancer. We have so many wonderful memories of such a kind and generous human being. Our hearts are heavy today but we know that Tony is no longer in pain and hopefully enjoying his new […]

Waiting for a delivery!

Mum and I have spent all day waiting for a delivery! It’s one of the annoying things about land-life. In the marina all of our mail went to the marina office. So we were free to do what we pleased and just go and pick up the post from the office when we wanted to. […]

Not amused selfie!