I live with a flea-bag!

I love my baby sister, I really do, but she’s so disgusting! She’s a little flea bag!

I’ve never had fleas in my life, and now that she’s here we just can’t seem to shake them!

She’s also a magnet for ticks! She’s had a couple, even though we’ve both been treated. Mum even took her to the vet to get one removed because she was worried about how close to her eye it was!


April wasn’t very amused when she came home with iodine all over her face!


I’m not amused that mum has now decided that we both need flea collars. I have a relatively cheap one that’s just until we’ve got April’s magnetism under control. April has quite an expensive one that has rave reviews and is supposed to last for 8 months. I hope it works!


If it does work, mum says I can take mine off after a few weeks. It looks ridiculous!

Flea collar

At least I won’t be scratching anymore!


Bisous, Bailey


  1. Oh Bailey, I know the flea collar isn’t very stylish, but Fleas are just awful. We had our cousins Woody and Coco (border collies) visit for thanksgiving last year, and they brought some unwanted visitors with them. FLEAS! None of us liked them they bit us, but the worst was that my sister, the beautiful Raven was allergic to them and scratched her fur off!) She had to go to the vet and get shots. We went to our vacation house in North Carolina and had the whole house treated while we were gone. Finally we were flea free and so we’re got back to normal. (No flea collars) now we get a drop of medicine on our neck once a month and we’re good to go. Raven has her lovely fur back and all is well!

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    • What a nightmare! The medicine is what we’ve been using but April has still been getting ticks so we’re trying the collars. Once she’s sorted I’m allowed to take mine off but I think April will keep wearing one because she loves rolling around outside!


  2. This summer has been terrible for fleas! My babies feel your pain!!

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  3. Poor you and April! We get bad fleas here on Vancouver Island, but I don’t go out only on my deck! Montyx

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  4. So sorry Bailey. I am an indoor kitty but my staff bring in the fleas in them and so I have them every now and then.

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  5. flea collars are not very safe for both pets and humans. have you tried the product that is a gel that you put at the base of the skull along the backbone? don’t know the brands you have. if it is available in EU DON’T use Sergeant’s!

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    • This one was recommended by the vets, so we are giving it a try. Ticks are also dangerous so its the lesser of two evils at the moment especially because April is still so young. I’ve not heard of that brand before. We use Frontline once a month but it’s just not been cutting it.


  6. Purrseidon here – roll in catnip, my furiend! It is a better flea repellent than that DEET stuff humans use!… And it smells wonderful! >^.^<

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  7. Oh no! Those fleas can be so nasty. We hope they disappear soon.

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  8. Oh, no !!!! Please don’t use flea collars. They are quite dangerous. Get your vet to order the stuff you put on the back of your neck……( sorry, can’t remember the name ).

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    • We’ve used several Diane and they’re just not working. Frontline and one that starts with an A. I don’t go outside and April is always supervised outside so at the moment it’s the lesser of two evils. Ticks are dangerous too. Paws crossed I can take mine off soon. We are using the one the vet recommended.


  9. We are sending purrs that those nasty fleas go away soon and your collar with them!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

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  10. mitzithedog says:

    Fleas lay 1000 eggs at a time and can be in your fabric in the house if it gets real bad. More then likely she got it from those rolls in the mud. I have my human get our property sprayed once a month. We have been lucky with all the dog traffic we have that we don’t seem to get them here.

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  11. Nasty little varmints! Stay after them Bailey.

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  12. Oh, Bailey, fleas and ticks are bad news! It is true that flea collars are not good, and some are highly toxic.
    The topical flea and tick treatments are safer, although some pets severely react to them.
    Good luck to both you and April!

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    • We’re just going on advice from the vet dear Pat. The topical stuff hasn’t been working. I think it’s a really bad year for them. Paws crossed this works because the ticks are dangerous too and just gross! Bisous.


  13. Fleas are awful! I agree with the above, collars are usually not as safe as topical stuff.

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  14. I’m afraid the flea monsters might be living in your house and that’s why they keep jumping on you. I had a flea on me once. Mom picked it off and put it in a ziplock bag to show to the vet. He gave me a drop of medicine on the back of my neck and now I get that medicine every month. Good luck with your flea collars. Go away, flea monsters!!

    Love and licks,

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  15. Fleas are very frustrating because you can’t just get rid of the adults – you have to deal with the eggs too, and they are often all over the house!

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  16. Ugh you poor thing! I just attended a conference about flea meds and Bravecto for dogs is supposed to be quite good (it lasts for 3 months and is taken orally)…………Bravecto for Cats is brand new and will be available in November……..also lasts for 3 months. Hope they clear up soon!!!!

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  17. Oh no! Nasty buggers, those fleas and ticks! My humas ususally buy “Frontline Spot On” for me. that’s against fleas, their eggs and ticks as well. It also exists for dogs.

    Good luck to all of you!


  18. mistletoeandhitch says:

    Dogs do seem more prone to flea and ticks than house cats but mixed households can see both really suffer. I lived with 2 dogs when I first found my HuMom. Both were older and very polite….still I stayed distant. I’d been found alone and pregnant by a couple whose bird feeder I was using to find my dinner. But back to fleas. Our old dogs used to get a combination flea/heartworm medication. It was gotten from the Vet and It was designed like a treat and given once a month. While fleas and ticks are absolutly AWFUL, Heartworm is a silent Killer.


  19. mistletoeandhitch says:

    I’m Mistletoe and Hitch’s HuMom and I want to suggest you try Diatomaceous Earth to fight your flea and tick problem. It is completely natural, inexpensive, easy and very effective. You need to use food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) which I buy online at Amazon but it is also easily found at most DIY Centers. Some people use it on the fur of their furry family but I find that dries out their skin which gives you a new problem. Still, if they do eat a little it won’t hurt them. Human’s use food grade DE to clean out their intestines. It’s also used to strengthen nails and for hair and skin. There are many articles online that will give you everything you might want to know about DE but here on to start.


    I hope this information is useful to you. Good luck in your fight against the little nasties!



  20. The Swiss Cats says:

    Fleas are such naughty critters ! We’re sorry to hear about the invasion. Purrs


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